1. Why use Travelusive?

Because we give you the opportunity to nail the best possible price you can imagine for your hotel booking. Actually with Travelusive, you get to play on your terms since it is you that names the actual price and not the hotel.

2. How it Works:

3. Cancelation Policy:

4. Refund Policy

If there is any dispute among you and the hotel, you contact our Dispute Resolution Center and we will look into it within 24 hours. If your claim is correct we will offer some compensation reaching even 100% of your offer.

5. Should I Sign-Up to use Travelusive?

Nope. You don’t have to Sign-Up. You can use Travelusive even as a guest.

6. How can I Sign-Up?

You can create a members account by entering your e-mail an choosing a password or by using your Facebook or Google account.

7. Why sign-up for an account?

Because you will not have to lose time to fill your contact info every time you make an offer. You will just skip that step. Also, by becoming a member, hotels feel more confident to accept your offer thus your chance of being accepted is largely increased. Finally, you will be able to collect loyalty points and get free gifts, receive newsletters, gift coupons, news, offers, best prices, etc

8. When do I pay?

Your credit card is charged 10% of your offer as soon as you are accepted by a hotel. The rest you will pay directly to the hotel once you arrive.

9. Can I negotiate price with the hotel after it accepts my offer?

No you can’t. Travelusive is not an auction nor a bidding service. You just name your price, and wait for a hotel to accept it. That’s it. Neither you or the hotel can negotiate the price.

10. Can I place multiple offers so I have more chances of being accepted?

Sure you can. Trouble with multiple offers is that, all of them might be accepted before you have a chance to cancel them. And in that case your credit card will be normally charged with 10% deposit for all the offers that have been accepted. So think twice before placing multiple offers. Best thing to do is place one realistic offer, you believe a hotel might actually accept.

11. Can Travelusive be used also by companies for business travel?

Of course. If you need to cut back on traveling expenses for your company, you can place your offer and wait for someone to accept it. Actually Travelusive is ideal for business travel, since you in business you always make last minute reservations, you don’t really care if you like the lobby or the outdoors of the hotel, you just need to sleep and head for those meetings. And finally, what you really care about is to cut down on expenses. And that’s what we are great at!

12. How do I know I will actually get what I asked for?

Cause we’ve checked it for you. Every hotel in Travelusive is constantly checked for it’s facilities and services. Once we realize a hotel is not true about what it can offer we immediately remove it from our service. Travelusive community is all about faith. You believe we can provide what you asked for and the hotel believes you will show up. Our job is to make sure this works both ways. And we are really good at that.

13. Can I get loyalty points and win gifts?

Sure you can. And you don’t have to do anything about it. The more you use Travelusive the more points you earn. And then you start receiving free trips from us. Easy as that.

14. Do I get anything for sharing?

Of course you do. And there are multiple ways you can actually get discounts from Travelusive.