Owner FAQ

1. How it Works:

There is also another way.

If you miss a notification, do not worry. You can always login to your account, go to the pending offers list, find out if there is an outstanding offer available for you, check as many offers as you need, and you are done. Less than a minute and your hotel is fully booked.

2. Payment:

You get paid for the reservation as soon as the guests show up.

3. Sign up Hotel:

You don’t do any of that. That’s why Travelusive is the right way to go for you. Because you save time and you get the job done, that is you manage to book all your empty rooms at any given time.

4. Simplicity:

With Travelusive you avoid all the bureaucracy of online booking. We actually give you our clients, to book and handle, and ask nothing in return. We just want you «onboard». So join our community of happy hotel owners and start filling your empty rooms.

5. Facilities:

All we ask from you is to be able to deliver an excellent service to our clients. We constantly check and rate the hotels in our database. It’s of the outmost importance for us to be able to provide our community with 100% professional service. Therefore if you say you have a pool, then you better have one. Your business will be checked before we allow you to become a member of Travelusive, so we can guarantee best possible service for our travel community.

6. What will you gain?

You will be able to fill all these empty rooms you are stuck with.
You will be able to do it without publicly announcing a very low offer that might damage your prestige.
You will save precious time not completing and handling complicated online accounts, customers messaging, requests, etc.
You will save precious IT resources.
You will do all that with the click of a button on a notification e-mail.
You will choose your clients and not the other way around.
You will be paid on arrival and not at the end of the month.

7. Guarantee:

Of course we cannot guarantee to provide with as many travelers as you need all the time. That depends on the demand your location has each time of year. But if there are enough clients, we will give you a chance to get them.

8. What if two hotels accept an offer:

Well the fastest man wins. The offer exists as long as no hotel has yet accepted it. As soon as one hotel hits the accept button, the offer is gone and you missed it. So do not think for too long. Accept the offer, book your spare room and be happy about it.

9. How do I know the traveler I’ve accepted will eventually show up?

Well if he doesn’t you get a 10% of his offer, as compensation from Travelusive and you still have an empty room to make the best of. But actually every traveler is committed to his offer. If he doesn’t show (without canceling) he is expelled from our community and his credit card is charged with 30% of his offer as a penalty.

10. What if a guest is not happy with the room we have to offer or the hotel facilities?

As long as you can provide the facilities and the amenities he asked for when offering his price, you will have no problem. Travelusive is all about blind booking. Traveler gets to book in a very special price but cannot question aesthetics, design or other things that have to do with personal judgment. As long as he gets the amenities he paid for he has no reason to refuse payment.

11. Who is handling the reservation?

You are. We just provide you with an extra tool to do it. But you have to handle direct communication with your guest, customers support, complaints, payment, receipts, the whole deal. After accepting his offer, the guest is all yours. We will only interfere in contacted through our online Resolution Center.