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Alexandros Papadopoulos

Alexandros Papadopoulos

Founder/ CEO

Alexandros Papadopoulos

Sergios Papadopoulos



Travelusive was founded in 2016.

It’s goal is to change the way people book their holidays worldwide, and by doing so, to regulate travel market in a way that both travelers and professionals can profit. Instead of having the traveler choose from a pool of available hotels with fixed price to book, we have him name his price and the hotels choose from a pool of available traveler’s prices pick the ones they need to fully book their facility.

This way travelers get to book their hotel at the lowest possible price they can imagine and the hotels get to make the best of the rooms that would otherwise be left empty.

Now that sounds like a win-win deal and that’s what
Travelusive is. A community of travel enthusiasts that choose to get out of their safety zone and explore the world in a way both adventurous and engaging.

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